Anse des Lezards, No. 2 by Peter Burega

Peter Burega infuses his sumptuous paintings with a personal vision of nature as a place of light and color. Redefining the relationship between nature and art, it is as though Burega liberates nature from the constraints of time, history and specificity, to allow it to emerge, fully re-imagined and expressed on canvas as unbound consciousness of the eternal and pure beauty of nature. 

Burega's paintings express the spirit of nature rather than its anatomy.  He dissolves specificity of image into essence of color, line, and light that he then choreographs into his paintings to create pure sensation.  His evocative compositions enlist the unconscious and activate the joy one has experienced in places of beauty but which has been concealed in the folds of memory – the way a long-unheard piece of beautiful music might do.

Burega's contemplative response to nature is expressed in the interaction of various creative elements that include nuances of color deftly applied in layers using only a metal scraping tool and worked with the finesse of a symphonic conductor. Color harmonies and radiance of light combine with deft marks incised in the painting's surface to produce dynamic rhythms that set the emotional tone of the painting.

Subtlety of structure, composition and the richness of fine glazing complete the complexity of painterly invention contained in each work.  Burega’s paintings engender a transcendent sense of joy that renews a weary spirit. They create a reverie of beauty that sustains a high level of visual interest that will endure forever. 

Burega was born in Montreal, Canada and current lives and works in New Mexico.  He studied at McGill University, the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, the University of Florence and Whittier College from which he received a law degree.  His work is included in numerous important private and institutional collections.


Peter Burega CV

Peter Burega
Anse des Lezards, No. 2 , 2018
Oil on panel
60" x 48"