New York Modernism: From a Private Collection

"LewAllen Galleries presents an exhibition of select works from an important private collection of largely New York artists whose individual and varied approaches to non-representational art had an enduring impact on American Modernism. Included is an array of striking paintings from the first half of the 20th century that demonstrate inventive combinations and conscientiously structured non-objective tendencies..." Click to read more




Glenn Ostergaaard: For the Love of Color

"LewAllen Galleries is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of works by Glenn Ostergaard, who is celebrated for his distinctive paintings and sculpture. Ostergaard’s works on canvas feature a sense of intuitive patterning; his surfaces, texturized with carefully orchestrated marking, create a sense of staccato rhythm backed by swaths of rich color. At other moments, dense areas of coloration come to the fore, lending Ostergaard’s body of paintings a sumptuous, push-pull musicality..." Click to read more




Janet Monafo: Gatherings
"Janet Monafo’s extraordinary still life images transform domestic, everyday objects into grand, spellbinding arrangements of light and color, hue and texture, order and disorder, memory and metaphor. Strikingly contemporary in their orientations, Monafo’s remarkable large-scale oil pastel  paintings take the age-old tradition of meticulously rendered still life into the 21st century..." Click to read more
Ed Mieczkowski: In Memoriam - Vibrations of the Eye, Mind and Soul
"Edwin Mieczkowski, who died in June of 2017, was a well-recognized pioneer of Op Art in the 1960s and an artist who, during the next five decades, went on to make significant contributions to both the Op and Geometric Abstraction movements. LewAllen Galleries has represented the work of this remarkable artist for more than ten years and now presents Vibrations of the Eye, Mind and Soul, a memorial survey exhibition honoring Mieckowski’s 60-year career dedicated to making art that dealt inventively with all three realms suggested by the show’s title..." Click to read more
Quest for the New: Modernism in the Southwest

"At the turn of the 20th century, when America and the world convulsed in eager anticipation of cultural revolution, Modernist artists transformedthe world of art by seeking a radical break with the conventions of the past and by searching for new forms of artistic expression. As the poet Ezra Pound later described it, the goal everywhere was to 'make it new...'" Click to read more





Merrill Mahaffey: Enduring Landscapes
"With a career spanning more than 50 years, Mahaffey creates art known for its valorization of the simple, time-chiseled details of Western America’s rocky terrain. Mahaffey’s paintings serve as modes of inquiry into the true nature of landscape, and the allegorical possibilities of their association with the myth of the American frontier. Avoiding the blandishments of saccharine sunsets, overly sentimental vistas and exaggerated skyscapes manifested in many romanticized Western landscapes, Mahaffey chooses as his subject the extraordinary within the ordinary..." Click to read more
Woody Gwyn: The Road to Excellence
"One of America’s foremost contemporary landscape painters, Woody Gwyn captures the crystalline light and vast expanses of our changing American terrain. His work is characterized by dramatic angles, panoramic formats, startling color, aggressive cropping, and an acute contrast between the natural and manmade. Whether depicting monumental Western mesas, tranquil wooded clearings, or shimmering oceanic vistas, the results shatter conventions to offer new ways of seeing a world he reveres..." Click to read more

Michael Roque Collins: Inland Mountain Journey
Post-symbolist Michael Roque Collins’ luminous and epically metaphorical paintings are siren calls to the mind and spirit. With combinations of signature imagery drawn from lucid dream, memory and cultural myth, his newest body of work, entitled Inland Mountain Journey, blends representation with abstraction. The series is comprised of what the artist calls “sacred landscapes,” referencing vibrant wooded vistas, bodies of water, blooming vegetation, architectural relics and, occasionally, the apparition of a human figure... Click to read more


Ben Aronson: Perspective and the Ephemeral

"Ben Aronson is a painter of the frozen moment. He joyously captures fleeting quiescent moments in space and time. In an era when life proceeds at what seems an increasingly frantic pace – where deadlines are constant and time is accelerated – Aronson’s paintings offer an oasis – a brief moment of reflection. The paintings possess a remarkable capacity to suspend motion, slow the tempo, seduce attention and liberate regard. In his paintings, Aronson dissolves the rush and tumult of everyday life to reveal the remaining fundament of beauty in these places and things..." Click to read more





Wolf Kahn: Light and Color

"Kahn’s works are at once vivacious and pensive. They derive from keen skills of observation and eminent technical mastery, but, even more significantly, they make manifest on canvas profound feelings and intuitions welling inside an artist who is both delighted and possessed by the awesome beauty of nature. His paintings evince obvious joie de vivre but also quiet dignity, genial familiarity but also shrouds of mystery. It is in these counterpoints that Kahn’s work attains its artistic greatness, wide appreciation, and lasting importance..." Click to read more





Fritz Scholder: Figures of Paradox

"For Scholder, figural rendition offered an eloquent metaphorical visual language for expression of numerous cultural and psychological ideas. His use of figure was largely conceptual and became more totemic and universal as opposed to individual portraiture. In the space of a stretched canvas or poured bronze, Scholder was able to condense intense expression with his extraordinary facility for color, composition, light, and form to create some of the most poignant and affecting images of his generation..."  Click to read more






Brian Rutenberg: Clear Seeing Place

"Paint thunders across canvases that flash and crackle with the energy of an electric storm until in the calm of resolve there is, in the final facture, a true clear seeing place. The title of this exhibition of recent work by New York-based abstract painter Brian Rutenberg – also the eponymous title of a memoir by the artist published last year and what he calls a “love letter to painting” – aptly signifies the clarity of vision that runs through these breathtaking oil on linen paintings..." Click to read more





Picasso and Munch: Genius on Paper

"Both Picasso and Munch are distinguished by the particular fervor, relentless variation and manifold talent with which they approached printmaking.  Each produced some of the medium’s most striking images in the history of art.  They both believed that printmaking offered unique and protean possibilities for experimentation and diverse emotional articulations..."  Click to read more





Kurt Solmssen: Real World

"The works are evocative and captivating, intimate and accessible – wooing the viewer into a rich realm of memory and nostalgia. There’s a sense of personal connection: Solmssen often invitingly peoples his paintings with family and friends. He also often incorporates simple architectural elements in and around his home on Puget Sound in Washington State. His work presents a world of reality that is personal to him and yet is resonant too of a broader reality shared by many who view his art..." Click to read more 




Woody Gwyn: American Vista

"Woody Gwyn paints the American landscape in search of finding and expressing what he calls its “truth.” For him, the “truth” of a place extends beyond faithful depiction of precise detail and requires in addition an artist’s individual and candid interpretation in the way those details are expressed in a painting. This passion for what might be called finding the character of the land is what gives Gwyn’s work its unique quality of beauty and its significant gravity and intelligence. This quest confers on his paintings unmistakable identity and qualifies him as a singular figure in American art of today..." Click to read more





Tom Palmore: My Menagerie

"It would be easy to imagine that Tom Palmore lives in a world all his own. It is a unique and delightful world in which animals and birds are no longer merely wildlife but have evolved to possess highly individualized personalities (maybe a better word is “animalities”) – with body language to match. In that world animals are not subservient to humans but rather more like co-equal sentient beings, not humanized but possessing idiosyncrasies and manifesting feelings and thoughts that visually and eloquently communicate to their human observers. It is a world in which Bengal tigers are pensive thinkers, Grizzly bears can be sultry vamps, Westies narcissist beauties, and bulldogs coy dandies..." Click to read more





Emily Mason: Ripple Effect

"The paintings of Emily Mason are like vivacious rhapsodies, composed from luscious color orchestrations and graceful brushwork that together evidence the delightfully confident hand of a masterful artist. The sense of musicality hovers in Mason’s work with harmonies of color variety, interplay of values and tones, staccato line and bagatelles of brushy expanses, and syncopations between spans and bursts. In her handling of color all of that is present. And in her paintings color becomes, as Delacroix once described it, 'music for the eyes...'" Click to read more





Henry Jackson: Continuum

"If there were to be some label for the abstraction of Henry Jackson, it might be something like “mindful intuition.” His process is complexly suggestive of an astute technician – combining wax, solvent, and pigments, then applying them to canvas with tools that force muscular expression – while his mode of creating derives from an imagination teetering between pure spontaneity and adept contemplation..." Click to read more 




Jivan Lee: New Mexico

"Gazed at long enough, the amalgamation of color, forms and shapes in nature inspire the senses—indeed, they awaken the soul as Lawrence so poetically observed—and they can have a profoundly transformative effect. Perhaps it is a primal connection with the land, a kind of elegiac cellular memory, that inspires the senses of awe and longing that nearly always accompany looking at a sunset, gazing across a fruited plain, contemplating a rushing stream or quiet pond, beholding jagged ridges of soaring mountains, or peering into the beckoning mysteries of verdant woods..." Click to read more






Michael Roque Collins: The Venetian Series

Brian O'Connor: Mystique with a Message

John Fincher: Botanica

The Holy Trinity of Santa Fe Landscape Painting: John Fincher, Woody Gwyn and Forrest Moses

Brent Godfrey: Nature | Nurture

Dan Christensen: Atmospherics

Dirk de Bruycker: Logos