Linda Stojak is regarded for her psychological, evocative portrayal of the female figure. Stojak’s spare figuration, diaphanous atmospheres and richly textured canvases suggest inner mysteries and tensions hidden within an unusual and spectral treatment of the female or feminine form.  

Stojak’s haunting figures function as provocative explorations of both identity and anonymity. Her paintings have been described as “psychological self-portraits,” though they remain in possession of a resonance that is broadly universal. Rendered loosely and with great attention to surface texture, her paintings project interior worlds made visible.

About her work, Stojak says: “My paintings are about being born, separation, touching, breathing, dying, loss, time, silence, waiting.  I want to keep images suggestively simple … I emphasize their emotional complexity through the painting process itself. I want to convey an underlying tension by combining a static, restrained image with a layered, expressive surface. I want to describe and evoke the anxiety that inevitably exists in living.” 


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